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Offers you a wide range of sunflower oil. Unrefined – natural sunflower oil, which contains vitamin E and has a balanced composition of fats. The best taste for salads and cold dishes. Refined – golden sunflower oil with a balanced composition of fats. Universal base for creating delicious and healthy meals every day.

Our Sunflower Oil is AWARD-WINNING product, and is characterized with the HIGH QUALITY and SAFETY.


Ideal for frying! Thanks to its highest level of purification and refinement, our product – refined, deodorized sunflower oil has neutral odor and taste and is traditionally used for frying and long-time cooking, as this type of oil is free from any substances that are unwanted during heating. All sunflower oil is made of sunflower seeds passing most stringent laboratory inspection, while our modern process technology and highly-skilled operating personnel ensure its perfect quality attested by ISO 9001:2009 and HACCP (ISO 22000:2007) certificates and recognized with numerous awards. Shelf life: 24 months, if stored between +8°C and +20°C


Fragrance of home-made sunflower oil. Our aromatic unrefined sunflower oil has a rich amber color and such a warm, homelike aroma of freshly roasted sunflower seeds! This unrefined sunflower oil makes a great dressing to any kind of salad, adding its warm, appetizing flavor. Shelf life: 12 months, if stored between +8°C and +20°C